sOmeTiMeS tHe lOuDEsT tHiNgS....


You are the ONE in Control.

Sometimes I feel as if people use their past (experiences) as an excuse for how they treat other people. And many people say "what do you know about experiences, you have a perfect little life". Well, my life isn't perfect, I don't even think you can use the word 'perfect' to describe anything I have experienced or done. Oh yes I forgot, I drew that perfectly straight line the other day (i used a ruler). Anyways my life isn't perfect and neither is that filthy rich kid's who lives down the street. NO ONES LIFE IS PERFECT. Even those that seem to have it all. I have been through a very, very and i mean very hard, terrifying, sad, you name it, childhood. I have had a life half full with disappointment, but somehow I always seem to keep a smile on my face, I treat everyone with equal respect, and I'm not the type to start or spread gossip and rumors. All that stuff about 'treat people the way you want to be  treated' is FAKE. it's not tru…

💫The Face, Which is My Face, Behind the Blog! 💫

If it is not already obvious this is a blog! Ummm Blog?Blog: a beautiful place to put your opinion and meet others like yourself.  So yes that is what this is. My typed thoughts and inspiration in an orderly (as much as possible) fashion. 
"Wait Paula, no one wants to know about what inspires YOU, or what is on your mind. What is this? A blog all about YOU", the reader asks.
"No, not about me!  In my blog I will share my opinions of things that are currently going on the world. It is the right of the the reader, to share theirs as well. This is OUR safe place." I respond. 

Ever since I was younger I had wanted a blog of my own and now I finally have one! I love taking pictures of everything and writing about my inspiration behind them is just the beginning.
My mind is full of ideas and thoughts that need to be heard (or read) before my mind explodes because it is full of too many of them. ←Yes that can actually happen! Just Kidding, it would have already happened.